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How and why you should repurpose your best performing content on social media

Social media is a powerful tool to help increase brand reach and drive new business, but trying to detect relevant content for multiple social networks all the time is tiring. Some days you just don’t have the time to produce new social content from scratch.

Rather than always coming up with innovative ideas, marketers can look at what they already have and repurpose their top-performing blog posts, videos, reports and more.

Why it’s in your best interest to repurpose content

There are the evident gains such as less work and more time saved, what more could you want? But there are several strategic benefits of repurposing your content for social media:

  • Reinforcing your brand’s messaging

  • Giving content an SEO boost

  • Reaching audiences who missed out on content on its first round of promotion

How to

Prioritize content that achieves good results and will meet your needs and goals. Having a goal in mind makes it easier to decide which metrics you’ll use to assess what content to include. Goals can include:

  • Raising brand awareness

  • Driving organic traffic back to your website

  • Supporting leads or trials

  • Increasing conversions

Next, ask yourself, is the content you want to repurpose time constrained? It will be a lot easier to repurpose a piece that performs well all year round rather than specific, seasonal content such as posts surrounding holidays like Mother’s Day or National Women’s Day.

Another thing to keep in mind, repurposing content means you need to think about where it will be posted. The right channel makes all the difference. Which of your networks are most active? How does your audience use each of them? What format will you be able to repurpose content into. What does your audience on each network expects to see from you?

Here are some suggestions to help boost your creativity and convert any piece of content into an engaging post for multiple channels:

Ask a question.

The same questions asked in the comment section at the ends of videos and blog posts can be repurposed on other platforms. For example, LinkedIn Q&As and Facebook and Twitter Polls all establish opportunities to connect your audience with existing content.

Provide an answer.

Search your Facebook and LinkedIn communities for questions you can answer with an existing article. By repurposing content and linking to it in your response to queries, you build relationships and increase the chances of being found by others asking the same question.

Rework written content for Instagram.

Even written content is suitable for the majority of social media platforms. But don’t just copy and paste a paragraph; consider pulling out points or quotes to build a social narrative around. Why not create a carousel post related to a recent blog post that got a lot of attention and resonated with your viewers?


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