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How to Protect your Mental Health While Working in Social Media

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

There is no doubt social media and marketing is a great industry to work in as it allows us to interact with creative and inspiring people from various sectors!

However, too much time spent online on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, twitter etc can have a huge toll on your mental health and therefore working on a day-to-day basis in these surroundings can have a big impact.

While there are also positives aspects of social media such as raising awareness of important issues and creating and maintaining relationships, us content creators need to keep in mind how much exposure we are having.

So here at Digital Stylist we have come up with a few tips to keep us all in check!

1. Monitor your social media feeds.

For example, unfollowing or muting accounts can be a great way to block out any posts that don’t make you feel good! Follow accounts that make you feel inspired!

2. Keep an eye on your screen time

Set reminders on your devices to take breaks from being online! Set a “bedtime” on your phone to relax your brain before going to bed. Instead try things such as reading a book or spending time with your family.

3. Self-care is health care!

Running your own business can feel like you never have a day off! Set business hours for your clients to contact you and enjoy your down time. Spend your time outside of work, offline. For example, exercise can be a fantastic way to wind down and make yourself feel good.

Social media allows us to have the amazing jobs we love! Just remember to use your time wisely and it never hurts to have a social detox!

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