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Social Media and Where You Might Be Going Wrong

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Social media can be a minefield with the ever changing algorithms, emerging trends and the demand for more engaging content. Here's a few top social media mistakes you might be making and how you can fix them!

1. Inconsistency

Inconsistent posting is our number one error when growing your business. Are you posting on socials once a week or maybe just when you remember. We recommend posting up to 4-5 times a week to give your loyal followers consistent content and keep your business at the top of their feeds. Just remember, quality over quantity!

2. Too Many Platforms

Having a successful business doesn't mean you need to be advertising on every social platform possible. Test out which works better for your business and focus on growing our audience there. Facebook and Instagram are a great place to start, in addition to TikTok if you're feeling creative!

3. Little Interaction

Do you want people to engage and react to your content? Start the conversation first. Engage with your followers, like and comment on their tagged pictures. Re-share other local businesses. Reach out and collaborate with businesses and users you like! You'll find users will return the favour and engage more easily!

4. Not Checking Your Analytics

Learn from your audience. Make sure to check your insights at least every month to see which posts get the most likes, which stories get more engagement! Don't be scared to change things up when some posts don't perform well, it's all a learning curve!

5. Lacking A Strategy

Posting random, irrelevant content could cost you brand trust and potential followers. We suggest creating a content calendar to plan out your main themes for the month which will be easier to stick to and result in more engaging content.

For more help creating a content strategy or find out more about our training and consultation workshops, get in touch here.


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